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Definition of lunatic


a mentally ill person (not in technical use).

Consequently, I babbled like a deranged lunatic , and it wasn't pretty.

mentally ill (not in technical use).

The frustration is so great that the black character believes that he might wind up in a lunatic cell, driven crazy by the insane demands.

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Example of lunatic

  • ‘Probaly some lunatic escaped from a mental hospital,’ Diana suggested, the color slowly seeping back into her face.

  • ‘We have arrived at a lunatic situation where there is one law for one group and a different law for others,’ he said.

  • A small smile touched her lips, her eyes alight with a lunatic fire.

  • At first, two or three miles may seem well nigh impossible - but eventually such a distance will become easy, and so it goes until running, say, ten miles is no longer a lunatic notion.

  • Consequently, I babbled like a deranged lunatic , and it wasn't pretty.

  • Cutting a path through the thickets of misrepresentation, misunderstanding and lunatic theorising that have grown up around the symbol of the Grail is no easy task.

  • Do you remember that one episode of X-Files with that crazed lunatic writer who was in love with Scully?

  • Everyone you know here is now either dead, a psychopathic killer out for blood, or a lunatic with about a hundred personalities.

  • I am particularly intrigued by the prospect of working for another lunatic director with no interpersonal skills, management ability, or capacity for leadership.

  • I said I found him, not that he was some insane lunatic murderer trying to kill me!

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