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Definition of lonelier


sad because one has no friends or company.

Being single can make a person feel very lonely at times.

lonelier definition and meaning. What does lonelier definination?

Example of lonelier

  • A lonely housewife starts up a friendship with a pet portrait painter.

  • After many hours of hunting, Ken found a lonely scallop and I found an interesting bottle.

  • An old lady is a bit lonely and decides she needs a pet for company.

  • Back in September I wrote about Al, a lonely widower sitting on his front porch.

  • Being single can make a person feel very lonely at times.

  • Even in rural farming districts, there is simply no such thing as a lonely road.

  • He may be in the wrong but he's old, lonely and feeling betrayed.

  • Hearing her father's voice made her incredibly lonely .

  • Howard, not knowing what he should do, sits on a couch in the middle of this lonely street that leads nowhere.

  • I don't want you to be lonely for the rest of your life.

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