Definition of loads


a heavy or bulky thing that is being carried or is about to be carried.

Each fighter was carrying a heavy load , with two 110 gallon drop-tanks.

a lot of (often used to express one's disapproval or dislike of something).

she was talking a load of garbage

a weight or source of pressure borne by someone or something.

You will need to rotate your wheels slightly more often as the center two wheels are likely to experience more wear than the front and rear wheels, as they will be bearing more load on average.

add an extra charge to (an insurance premium) in the case of a poorer risk.

If capital markets were efficient, the default risk premium would be loaded exclusively on to the debt of the over-borrower; there would be no free riding.

charge (a firearm) with ammunition.

Available in two formats, it has the option of being loaded with a banana clip of shotgun shells or being loaded manually.

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