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a literate person.

The computer literates should take the lead in teaching and convincing others about the ease in learning how to use computers, as a starting point for instilling in the people the desire to use, work and play with the Internet.

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  • And though I am a writer myself, I am not referring to the media of the written word - because the literate are all too often the most persuadable of the virtues of a dialogue across all kinds of boundaries.

  • But for the illiterates and even many literates , who throng the Collectorate seeking assistance, their services are indispensable.

  • Computer literates will also be helped to learn more in information technology, so as to leverage it more in their careers.

  • If these were wanton act of miscreants, one incident that took place inside the Government Medical College campus on Thursday has proved that even the literates are not bothered to ‘rescue’ a roadside tree from being consumed by flames.

  • If we turn to the faithful OED, the word is said to date back to the eighteenth century and was used by the great literates of Swift and Dickens.

  • In 1991, there had been 13.6 million literates or about 39 per cent of Rajasthanis over the age of seven.

  • It is not necessary that all literates and even ‘top officials’ are aware of traffic rules.

  • It is true language changes over time but its development must be driven by the literate if cohesion is to be maintained.

  • Nothing in our commonly purveyed literacy mythology suggests this is the State with the largest number of literates in India.

  • Shared experience beyond these things would have involved, for the literate among them, the Bible, or oft-recited poems and some popular books.