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Synonyms of lifeless


Definition of lifeless


dead or apparently dead.

Though they still appeared glassy, they no longer seemed so lifeless .

lifeless definition and meaning. What does lifeless definination?

Example of lifeless

  • And I'm getting some highlights put in this lank, lifeless hair of mine on Friday, after dithering over the idea for at least two years.

  • Generally dry hair is unmanageable, lifeless , dull, frizzy and/or flyaway.

  • He remembers her arms on the cold, lifeless body of the elderly master as she sat on the stone floor.

  • He twitched a lot and simply stared at the lifeless corpse of his brother.

  • He was a vegetarian, as he couldn't stand the lifeless sight of a dead deer or fish.

  • Her hair seemed lifeless with its now boring length.

  • Her long brown hair seemed lifeless , hanging limply down her back.

  • His bloody, broken body curled on the floor in a lifeless heap.

  • His blue eyes had closed, and he now lay lifeless on the cold ground.

  • If a writer isn't careful, even the best biblical exegesis can render a parable lifeless .