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Synonyms of lewd


Definition of lewd


crude and offensive in a sexual way.

He's probably getting a big kick out of manipulating you with his lewd suggestions.

lewd definition and meaning. What does lewd definination?

Example of lewd

  • A line could and should easily be drawn, however, when these companies resort to nonsensical double entendres involving lewdness and obscenity.

  • All lewd and indecent shows should be stopped and places that harbor prostitution should be closed down.

  • Any local band can apply to play a set on stage, but organisers are warning acts that obscene lyrics and lewd behaviour are out of the question.

  • Apart from other harassment, sexual assault and passing lewd remarks reign supreme.

  • As Gilman points out, in a short story this would be the moment where she'd realize that the idol of her dreams was in fact a lewd creep.

  • As he spoke, he pulled out a switchblade and grinned lewdly .

  • As the member of a women's club that constantly crusades against public lewdness and drinking - the same club that got the science teacher fired - she believes that sex should never be discussed in the home.

  • Corin laughed his head off, and Scott clapped wildly; Josh cheered lewdly and Caitlin joined him.

  • Do your sexual encounters place you in danger of arrest for lewd conduct or public indecency?

  • Each count involving lewd or lascivious acts carries potential prison time of three, six or eight years.