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Definition of known


recognized, familiar, or within the scope of knowledge.

The court was closed for the weekend and the amount of damage inside the building was not known .

known definition and meaning. What does known definination?

Example of known

  • As so often with these cases, the trial of Bargh revealed he was a known sex offender.

  • But if justice is ever to be seen to be done then all the known facts have to be investigated.

  • Even if they come from a known source, that's no reason to suppose they are harmless.

  • For some, they were too weak since they failed to resolve all of the known paradoxes.

  • He had no known connections here and his family say they do not know why or when he decided to change his name.

  • He left no known diary, he had no known confidantes, other than his wife Mira Markovic.

  • However in those days people had only a vague concept of place outside their known world.

  • I now have email filters set up to extract and delete email from known offenders.

  • If the ratio of the two parts of a given number is known , then each of them can be found.

  • It is not known when and if he will return and whether he will again take to the airwaves.

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