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Definition of kearn


gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

One now asks whether cultural codes are learned in some language-like way.

teach (someone).

“That'll learn you,” he chuckled

kearn definition and meaning. What does kearn definination?

Example of kearn

  • ‘That'll learn you,’ he chuckled

  • A child is learning unbelievable amounts of information.

  • Being younger than her I learned loads of things by simple observation.

  • Despite Lynn being in Honors, she was a big slacker and the teacher had learned this bit of information a long time ago.

  • He learns bucket-loads of information, including the brazenly anti-union pitches made by the various nations.

  • He said he was shocked beyond belief when he learned that literacy students were having their course cut.

  • he's keen to learn

  • Her family was not consulted, and only learned of her death a month later.

  • I can't find a moral in the story, or a worth-while lesson to be learned of it.

  • I was sorry to learn that Peadar had died

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