judicial Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of judicial

Definition of judicial


of, by, or appropriate to a court or judge.

This mental torment may become acute when the judicial verdict is finally set against the accused.

judicial definition and meaning. What does judicial definination?

Example of judicial

  • As I have already pointed out, this is not the position in the case of a judicial development of the law.

  • I would not favour the introduction of such a defence judicially .

  • I would take judicial notice of that and would expect justices to do the same.

  • In such a situation, the grant of judicial power to provincial appointees is valid.

  • It is achieved by a conventional process of judicial construction of legislation.

  • It was clear that, even before the Act, the tribunal had always to act judicially and thus be subject to the rules of natural justice.

  • It would be an abuse of the judicial process to allow proceedings to be repetitive.

  • It would thus be expensive both to the parties and to the resources of the judicial system.

  • Judicial protection in Punjab improved and many people were using the judicial system.

  • On the basis of the evidence, could a properly instructed jury, acting judicially , have reasonably rendered a verdict of guilty?