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Definition of jot


a very small amount.

Now this surprised me not a jot because, like most non-social workers, I am a firm believer that kids who are allowed to do as they please grow up to be monsters.

write (something) quickly.

She recited Sarah's phone number to Larisa who jotted it down on a piece of paper.

jot definition and meaning. What does jot definination?

Example of jot

  • An instant after the last letter was jotted down, someone knocked on the door.

  • And the fact that Lesley is a woman did not matter one jot .

  • But I suspect Ferguson doesn't care a jot about the opinion of his colleagues.

  • Even the scientists who advocate for that protocol recognise that it will not make one jot of difference, even if it is fully implemented.

  • He moved behind her and rubbed her neck as she jotted a few ideas down on paper.

  • His gaze never left them as he neatly jotted notes down on a small notepad.

  • I have said that the circumstances do not deserve one jot of sympathy.

  • I have yet to see one jot of evidence

  • I quickly jotted it down and handed it to him, and he quickly pocketed it.

  • I quickly jotted several things down in my notebook and mentally cackled.