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Definition of invalid


a person made weak or disabled by illness or injury.

She was an excellent woman who loved her family and cared for her parents who were both invalids .

not valid, in particular.

Each run consisted of 16 valid trials, 16 invalid trials, and 8 no-go trials in random order.

remove (someone) from active service in the armed forces because of injury or illness.

The war years were marred only by Warnie's absence on active service until he was invalided out as a hopeless alcoholic.

invalid definition and meaning. What does invalid definination?

Example of invalid

  • A better strategy would be for the recipient to bounce the e-mail back to the sender, creating the illusion that the e-mail address was invalid .

  • An invalid entry is merely erased and the cursor is returned to the beginning.

  • Any philosopher can tell you this is an invalid argument.

  • Boo's excuse that he was off the island was invalid .

  • But the fact that such arguments are deductively invalid does not mean that they are not sometimes inductively strong.

  • But this objection is invalid because there is a universal test of true knowledge, and this test

  • By 1800 there were perhaps less than a hundred valid names but thousands of invalid ones.

  • Chanyut and Santsak also said the students disqualified as being invalid an unusually high number of ballots that had been marked for the Chart Thai candidate.

  • Each judge, said Marei, will prepare a written statement showing figures concerning how many voters the station included, how many voted and the number of valid and invalid votes.

  • He claimed the proceedings were a sequel to the 1991 raid in which his home had also been ransacked but which had been illegal as an invalid warrant had been used.

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