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Definition of intimate


(of knowledge) detailed; thorough.

Steve possesses deep, intimate knowledge of both Churchill and Reagan, having written books on each, though he deploys his learning lightly.

a very close friend.

Finally, although we expect that street kids will not trust authority figures, one might assume that they will trust their friends and intimates , the social network that is part of their life on the street.

closely acquainted; familiar, close.

intimate friends

imply or hint.

Putting the straw man arguments aside for one moment, are you intimating that other ethnic minorities have not cost the U.S. money in ‘social programs’?

private and personal.

intimate correspondence

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Example of intimate

  • A more critically-minded minister of health services armed with more intimate knowledge of the subject might be more hesitant about making such broad changes.

  • Although Johnson himself was a fervent Tory, it is interesting to note that he was on friendly and intimate terms with several well-known Whigs.

  • And let your most intimate friends know you'd rather stab yourself in the eye with a fork than vote for the Liberal.

  • As an extension of this plan, the family would launch needless wars, thus allowing it to amass a huge fortune through its intimate connection with the military-industrial complex.

  • But given, as we know, that these things can take all sorts of twists and turns, I think any chairman of the authority would want his or her clerk well out of intimate knowledge of these matters.

  • But the lesbian scene can feel crushingly claustrophobic, with people knowing the intimate details of your life before they've even met you.

  • Even his intimate friends in the literary circuit dread the occasional outbursts which reflect his cynical humour and contempt for hypocrites.

  • Even there, Adam created a trio of sisters whose emotional interplay betrays an intimate knowledge of twisted sibling diplomacy.

  • Freud, the man who spent his life investigating the kind of intimate secrets which people strive to conceal from themselves as well as from others, was extremely reluctant to reveal his own.

  • He called me up a few days ago, however, to confess he got drunk, picked up a woman in a bar, took her home, and was intimate with her.

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