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Definition of interruptions


the action of interrupting or being interrupted.

Some of our local businesses are not in a position to accommodate any further interruption to business.

interruptions definition and meaning. What does interruptions definination?

Example of interruptions

  • a chance to study without interruption

  • A personal dream at the moment, after all the frantic activity of the past year, would be to settle for a holiday or, failing that, a shot on the swings without interruption .

  • An alternative might be to arm myself for parties, or visits to the pub, with soundbites so short that they are barely capable of interruption .

  • An extra £79 million was claimed for business interruption .

  • And predictably, the second week of the tournament sees players having to cram in their games in between the showers and the interruptions .

  • Apart from an interruption for a serious neck injury in 1992, his career has been one of relentless achievement since he took up rugby at his comprehensive in Barking at the age of 14.

  • As a student of waves, Cass is steadfast in his insistence that this period is an interruption - not a halt: a technology downturn, not a global downturn.

  • As you do so on the next generation of mobile phones, prepare for interruptions from e-mails as well as voice calls.

  • But she adds that she finds its constant interruptions annoying, and switches it off when she wants to concentrate.

  • But the bottom line is that it is attempting to prevent its citizens from being wiped out, in a war that has been waged against it without interruption for more than half a decade by people who wish to eradicate it.

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