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Definition of intelligent


having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.

In this case, however, the event was in fact the result of an intelligent designer.

intelligent definition and meaning. What does intelligent definination?

Example of intelligent

  • All this is backed up by an intelligent item system that makes it much easier to just pick up and play the game.

  • An intelligent person would not have needed to ask that question!

  • Any reasonably intelligent person could have concocted that plan.

  • As educated, intelligent consumers, we have to realize there is no real danger to humans.

  • Backs can make intelligent guesses at what needs to be done; forwards just know it.

  • But the rest of the piece actually asks some pertinent and intelligent questions.

  • Generations have deliberately tried to design intelligent computers and we're still failing.

  • He might not have graduated from high school, but he's obviously highly intelligent and a fast learner.

  • He said that the media knew about the uniform floor rates and the increase in taxes was an intelligent guess.

  • I have a son that is 27 years old and he is very intelligent when it comes to the computer.

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