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Definition of insist


demand something forcefully, not accepting refusal.

The management is insisting that the drivers accept a fixed monthly salary instead.

insist definition and meaning. What does insist definination?

Example of insist

  • But it made her resent them for insisting so forcefully that she go along on the trip.

  • By demanding austerity while insisting on liberalization, it disregards basic social needs.

  • Clearing customs at an airport terminal, Wilkinson insists on pushing a luggage trolley.

  • Downing Street demanded a replacement, insisting that the Prime Minister would only be interviewed by a man.

  • Experiencing a mild hallucination of this sort is a good sign for the biographer, Geoff insists .

  • Firms all insisted on public liability cover, which had pushed up prices.

  • Forced to accept, he continued to insist that the ambassadors must perform the kowtow.

  • He is reluctant, but Helen insists , so we walk down the road this time, towards Victoria Park.

  • He said farmers must demand full value for their stock and insist on payment on the day.

  • I'll call him and cancel it, if you insist

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