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Definition of insensitive


showing or feeling no concern for others' feelings.

I don't want the ability to be harsh or insensitive just to shock my readers.

insensitive definition and meaning. What does insensitive definination?

Example of insensitive

  • ‘Learn the value of any criticism, even harsh and insensitive criticism,’ Clark said.

  • A number of other biochemical variables either remained insensitive to lead exposure or responded moderately to chelation treatment.

  • AHG procedures were often too insensitive or overly sensitive.

  • Diploid clones insensitive to rotenone and sensitive to antimycin A + myxothiazol were selected.

  • Estimation of the length for photoperiodically sensitive and insensitive phases of each genotype on the basis of equation involves an iterative regression procedure.

  • Examples of regulatory regions that were highly sensitive, moderately sensitive, and insensitive were found.

  • Finally it is only at the level of the plasmalemma or the cytoskeleton itself, and assuming that sensitive and insensitive zones are serially connected that the stresses might be relevant.

  • Furious critics have condemned her insensitive remarks as ‘appalling’.

  • Glucose sensitive and glucose insensitive neurons of the lateral hypothalamic area have shown differential responsiveness to gustatory and olfactory stimuli.

  • He accused the Canadian anti-globalisation movement of being racist and insensitive to Native and Québecois history for using a maple leaf as its symbol.

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