inquire Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of inquire

Definition of inquire


ask for information from someone.

Many of our readers have inquired about what to wear this season and which articles would get the most use.

investigate; look into.

I guess what my dilemma boils down to is this: Is there any acceptable way for me to inquire into his personal life?

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Example of inquire

  • A central customer service centre will manage all public access points across the county, joining county and district services for enquirers .

  • A friend had run a marathon for charity and Daniel began inquiring on the internet about it.

  • After a great season or a championship, people start inquiring what the winner will do for an encore.

  • Bill inquired about the boat, which was in good condition but had been neglected.

  • Change is under way, but many who were born in the 1950s and 1960s and are now inquiring about their roots have had a frustrating time.

  • Even when going about their business, Ugandans will take the time to stop and greet people properly, inquiring after their health and their family - a far cry from the Western culture of ‘no time to chat’.

  • For any further information inquire at your town hall.

  • For people who inquire after her, simply say, ‘Things are not good, but I appreciate your asking.’

  • Gently, she knelt down to the defeated man's level, and inquired about the money.

  • He and George inquired about a county seat and had found it twenty miles away.