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Definition of inheritances


a thing that is inherited.

They have taken no previous gifts or inheritances from their parents and each has an inheritance tax-free threshold of €456,438.

inheritances definition and meaning. What does inheritances definination?

Example of inheritances

  • A significant part of this contract was the renuncia with which a woman renounced all claims to future inheritances or familial property.

  • A specified amount of gifts / inheritances could be received tax free depending on the relationship between the donor (your brother) and you.

  • According to Batak customary law, only the men had the right to inheritance .

  • Bulgaria began to adopt Western style laws, giving women inheritance rights.

  • But since most of our principles are cultural inheritances , discussions halt at a tolerant mutual respect, even when we remain convinced that the other person is wrong.

  • But, he said, the deal had been deadlocked due to inheritance problems over the land.

  • Buyers also are using inheritances to purchase vacation properties.

  • Contribute any bonuses, tax refunds, cash gifts, inheritances or divorce settlements to a retirement account.

  • Groups with lower income accumulated fewer assets to transfer as inheritances .

  • However, if the person receiving the inheritance has previously received gifts or inheritances from the same group since 2 December 1988 the new and old benefits must be aggregated.

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