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Definition of inefficaciously


(typically of something inanimate or abstract) successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective.

No difference was noted concerning one tradition being more powerful or efficacious than any other.

inefficaciously definition and meaning. What does inefficaciously definination?

Example of inefficaciously

  • A small comparison study demonstrated that these two drugs are equally efficacious .

  • Another edict was issued on December 16, 1074, after a serious drought in north China earlier in the year, requesting the names of deities in shrines and temples known to respond efficaciously to requests for rain.

  • Are you questioning whether these acts have any efficaciousness ?

  • Both drugs were equally efficacious in improving auditory hallucinations and suspiciousness.

  • Clinical trials are in progress and research is ongoing for developing a safe and efficacious vaccine against the disease.

  • Clinicians simply avoided them because accepted theories of disease mechanism and drug action offered no explanation for their efficaciousness .

  • During this era, biological discovery is accelerating, resulting in the development of safer and more efficacious drugs.

  • History and theory show that the use of naked government aggression is not a moral or efficacious way of dealing with poverty.

  • It may not mean that the ultimate result is not efficacious .

  • It will prove efficacious to plant trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in the autumn because they will get their roots down faster during their first wet winter.

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