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Definition of indicate


point out; show.

The figures indicate that the tabloid version has proved a hit with readers as it accounts for some 70% of all sales.

suggest as a desirable or necessary course of action.

In patients with pulmonary hypertension, more frequent chest radiographs to assess catheter position may be indicated .

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Example of indicate

  • A good director would have cut some of the annoyingly repetitive and obvious gestures used to indicate character.

  • Again the camera meter will indicate a shutter speed and an aperture to give you an 18% grey object.

  • Although the days of king coal and the smoky cities are long gone, census figures indicate manufacturing plays a significant role in the regional economy.

  • an external tube is used to indicate fluid level

  • But child mortality figures indicate many more private tragedies.

  • But figures indicate that it wreaked far greater damage on Russia's economy than the Nazi invasion and World War II.

  • Census figures released Friday indicate Indiana County's population has stayed virtually static at 89,605 residents.

  • Don't you agree these figures indicate the significant economic impact of the arts?

  • dotted lines indicate the text's margins

  • Estimates from tide gauges indicate that sea level has changed at the rate of 1.8 to 2.4 mm/yr over the last century.

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