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Definition of indecipherable


not able to be read or understood.

The dialogue wavers from understandable to indecipherable , and there is very little depth or flavor to the recording.

indecipherable definition and meaning. What does indecipherable definination?

Example of indecipherable

  • He supports this with grainy images of indecipherable documents.

  • I have no idea who sent it, as there's nothing to identify the couple except an indecipherable scrawl.

  • I must declare a weakness for indecipherable lyrics.

  • Initially alarmed by its scarlet, raspberry mousse appearance, she was soon making indecipherable noises of appreciation.

  • It's esoteric in parts, and plain indecipherable in others.

  • JD's English, while sufficient, is heavily accented and at times indecipherable .

  • Make any signage relating to your goods virtually indecipherable to anyone without a degree in computers.

  • Rugby union is bogged down by a morass of strange and (to the casual viewer at least) indecipherable rules.

  • She is in her 90s and the envelope was merely addressed with my name and Ilkley, Yorks, England, with other indecipherable letters.

  • Some of the words are recognizable, but the context makes their meaning indecipherable .