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Synonyms of incapable


Definition of incapable


unable to behave rationally or manage one's affairs; incompetent.

Beth's weary loyalty towards her incapable boyfriend is fun to watch.

unable to do or achieve (something).

After that date firms would have to prove beyond doubt that older workers were incompetent or incapable of doing their jobs if they wanted to pension them off.

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Example of incapable

  • A 14-year-old girl was arrested for being drunk and incapable but later released.

  • A few reactors in her brain decided to give up the ghost, and she simply stared, incapable of speech or action.

  • A possible explanation is that the human eye and brain are incapable of processing all the necessary visual information to apply the rule

  • After several seconds of being incapable of speech, Audrey finally got a grip on herself… sort of.

  • And Burge's proposal seems incapable of explaining how they are possible.

  • Anyhow, after being just as rude to him, as he to me, he seems to be completely incapable of speech.

  • Attempts by the United Nations to broker a deal have foundered, allowing the problem to fester and become a sore incapable of being healed.

  • Being drunk and incapable should no longer be an excuse for misbehaving on the streets, says the man taking over Swindon's new licensing body.

  • Britain's health, education and welfare systems, devised in the 1940s, are incapable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

  • But once opportunity offered she was incapable of refusing…

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