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Definition of inarticulate


unable to speak distinctly or express oneself clearly.

Speechless and inarticulate , they are bound together forever in their sense of loss and love for a young woman, whom they never really knew nor understood.

without joints or articulations.

inarticulate definition and meaning. What does inarticulate definination?

Example of inarticulate

  • And the friendship the two men have is sort of touching in an inarticulate way; the performances, while not sterling, are natural enough to make you believe that a guy can come out to his straight male roommate and not have it be a huge deal.

  • Because so many of the encounters are inarticulate , ideas aren't developed as fluently as in the two earlier films.

  • Beneath the linguistic sparklers and Catherine wheels, there is a subtle and moving examination of the inarticulate moment: gesture and touch, weeping and laughter.

  • For more background on that, you should read the three posts I wrote back then, the last of which has enough pictures to give a sense of the whole concept without the effort of ploughing through my clumsy inarticulate prose.

  • For the inarticulate Trevor, ‘I think you're really cool,’ is a major statement of devotion, and ‘buck up, little camper’ is the best consolation he can offer.

  • He becomes completely inarticulate and unable to close the deal, as it were, because he loves her too much!

  • He should have been frightened, tired, nervous, uncertain, inarticulate .

  • He was verbally inarticulate and could not enunciate a clear concept or formulate ideas.

  • He yelled something inarticulate containing the word ‘demon’.

  • He's a little dumbfounded at reviews of the film that criticize the repetitiveness of some dialogue or inarticulate speech, two of the aspects that make the film feel true.

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