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Synonyms of inapplicably


Definition of inapplicably


not relevant or appropriate.

That fact makes certain legal rules formally inapplicable , and the novelty of the situation creates a dilemma for both the government and for immigrants.

inapplicably definition and meaning. What does inapplicably definination?

Example of inapplicably

  • A great deal of their difficulty is, of course, the difficulty of the subject and the inapplicability of the scientific method to the subject.

  • A modified version of this argument seems to me much sounder in general, but inapplicable to the present case.

  • Are such pronouncements context-specific in a way that renders them inapplicable today?

  • But although this piece consigns specific spheres for women, it is also simultaneously subverting the idea of ‘true womanhood’ and critiquing the inapplicability of such standards for many black girls.

  • But when we can realize the inapplicability of our ideas about who we are and what we need to be - our ‘non-existence,’ in Buddhist terms - then our genuine life can disclose itself unimpeded.

  • But while these are promising examples of an approach that pursues truth above all else, they are inapplicable to the United States for two reasons.

  • Estimates based on proximal limb-bone circumference data are more accurate but are inapplicable where postcranial remains are unknown.

  • From the beginning of my promotion efforts it was evident that the consumer education model as applied to colleagues is inapplicable for our academic setting.

  • Given the inapplicability of statistical methods to macroscopic systems, it is true that associating entropy with the disorder of a room can be misleading.

  • He cited that the law was over 36 years old and was inapplicable to today's conditions and that it should be updated in order to more effectively deal with modern business operations.