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Definition of imprison


put or keep in prison or a place like a prison.

The statement almost caused some of the government critics to be imprisoned for alleged treason.

imprison definition and meaning. What does imprison definination?

Example of imprison

  • A message informed me that a student leader of my movement had been imprisoned .

  • A sentence of imprisonment is intended to restrict the rights and freedoms of a prisoner.

  • A Sheffield woman who was wrongfully imprisoned following an armed raid on her home has won compensation from police.

  • According to investigators 18 of the suspects had been imprisoned for similar offences in the past.

  • Administering the death penalty is far more expensive than imprisoning the offender for life.

  • All of the detainees were imprisoned without charge, and the whereabouts of some of them are unknown.

  • All sentences were to be concurrent, so his sentence was a total of five years' imprisonment .

  • As a result of that, he had been imprisoned , but had in some way managed to escape and make his way to this country.

  • Because of his actions 46 people were imprisoned unjustly and lost their freedom for more than three years.

  • First, a decision to imprison the man for contempt of court should never be taken too quickly.

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