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Definition of imply


strongly suggest the truth or existence of (something not expressly stated).

They were very clever in the way in which they implied what was going on.

imply definition and meaning. What does imply definination?

Example of imply

  • A payment may be made on such terms that it has been agreed, expressly or impliedly , by the recipient that, if it shall prove not to have been due, it will be repaid by him.

  • Although these models imply the possibility of negative interest rates, the chance is very low with well chosen parameters.

  • Amassing more data does not necessarily imply the acquisition of better information.

  • At the same time, the original article strongly implied that the memo came from the GOP.

  • Believe it or not, this was a pejorative term, implying unrealistic ambitions.

  • Both claims are often implied in arguments, but rarely made explicit.

  • Caring about the consequences of events of which you disapproved does not imply support for those events.

  • Caring for and protecting the historic environment does not imply opposing change.

  • Check the underside for signs of heavy scuffing as this could imply track use.

  • Excuse me for being slightly cynical, but going to a film doesn't necessarily imply a dose of culture.

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