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enduring forever.

The old rugged cross is not venerable because it is old - that is, because of a traditional or historical meaning - but because the truth it embodies is imperishable .

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Example of imperishable

  • A final spat occurs over an imperishable chorister habit when performing a choral work: the sneaky replacement of the actual words with something subversive.

  • A successful composition became a certain idealisation of the material world, and as such presented a harmonious relationship between the perishable and imperishable realms.

  • And even if that memory had not been etched imperishably into his heart and mind, he had no choice.

  • And that's because no national art form produces half a dozen full-length, imperishable works on a yearly basis.

  • Because Hanks, that imperishably decent leading man, the Jimmy Stewart of our day, is improbably trapped inside a villainous role.

  • Because in this way the eternity and the imperishability of a mortal being are made manifest.

  • But what is wonderful about him - what saves him, glorifies him and makes him special - is the imperishable cultural truth that you can take a Frenchman out of France but you cannot take France out of a Frenchman.

  • Even gold plates and drinking vessels conveyed something of their imperishability to one who dined from them.

  • Everything looked promising with his first US movie, the imperishable Cape Fear, with Gregory Peck and an animalistic Robert Mitchum.

  • Hardcore puzzlers plan their week around it, yet the show's central mystery - that of its imperishable appeal - remains unsolved.