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Definition of imagine


form a mental image or concept of.

I couldn't imagine what she expected to tell them

suppose or assume.

With nothing tangible at stake in terms of league positions, one might have been forgiven for imagining that it would develop into a fairly mundane affair.

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Example of imagine

  • "Without my mother, I just can't imagine living, " she says.

  • imagine a road trip from Philadelphia to Chicago

  • imagine being that rich!

  • imagine! to outwit Heydrich!

  • Before, if I crashed or had some real or imagined minor injury, I just took a few days off until it healed.

  • But it is difficult to imagine who is going to be fooled by this.

  • But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine something like this could have happened.

  • Can one decide whether its recreations of an event have a sound basis, or has imagination run away with the imaginer ?

  • Can you imagine the outcry if English football fans were treated in this way?

  • Can you just imagine how that little scenario of scavenger fun and games unfolded?

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