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decorate (a page or initial letter in a manuscript) with gold, silver, or colored designs.

Thus, the museum began to acquire European sculpture and old master drawings and purchased an important collection of medieval and renaissance illuminated manuscripts.

help to clarify or explain (a subject or matter).

Though MacDonald's discussion of this topic is interesting and illuminating , it left me unconvinced.

light up.

All movement was eradicated as a brilliant flash of blue-orange light illuminated their horrified faces.

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Example of illuminates

  • A green fluorescent light illuminates a wall work that quotes the iconic graphic equaliser readout in homage to Donald Judd.

  • All movement was eradicated as a brilliant flash of blue-orange light illuminated their horrified faces.

  • Arf contributed to the education of many of the present day mathematicians in Turkey, not only by his lectures but also through illuminating discussions in conferences and seminars.

  • As the season approaches the countryside and towns light up and outlines of houses buildings and churches are illuminated .

  • During the Lantern Festival, most temples are illuminated by colorful lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

  • During this period, the minarets of all the mosques are illuminated with strings of electric lights.

  • Early LED packaging, for devices originally meant as indicators rather than high-power illuminators , couldn't handle these kinds of requirements.

  • Even here, in the first chapter, the reader is treated to probing analysis and illuminating discussion.

  • Great flashes of light illuminated the whole area, punctuated by the rumbling of thunder clouds.

  • He is a fine late Romanesque painter open to more modern influences, particularly those emanating from Byzantium, perhaps via Franciscan illuminated manuscripts.