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Synonyms of ill-judged


Definition of ill-judged


lacking careful consideration; unwise.

Standing rigidly by a decision which is wrong, or ill-judged , is obviously tempting, but in the long term is likely to be counter-productive.

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Example of ill-judged

  • ‘Sending in inspectors into schools is just an ill-judged and insidious attack on the professional integrity of teachers,’ he said.

  • All our government is doing is feeding this culture by its ill-judged proposals to have a law of incitement to religious hatred, which raises the expectation of religious people that they will have their own blasphemy law.

  • And Mary Queen of Scots made a series of ill-judged decisions which led her to the executioner's block in 1587.

  • Business history is rich in instances of ill-judged decisions, ‘what if's ’, and ‘if only's’.

  • Concrete decisions on vital improvements to the road, rail and air networks have taken decades and too regularly turned out to be an ill-judged compromise between opposing interest groups.

  • During the Cold War, America was mocked for its ill-judged support of dictators because they were ‘our dictators.’

  • Even in the wake of September's atrocities, such an approach must be seen for what it is - ill-judged , counter-productive in the longer term and wholly unacceptable.

  • He has a PR man and a media advisor but his decision to have a weekly column in the Record was ill-judged .

  • I thought it ugly, ill-conceived, badly assembled and completely ill-judged .

  • If customers boycott Tesco because of this ill-judged decision, they may well back down.