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Definition of idiosyncrasy


a mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to an individual.

Having grown up together, they were all more or less used to each other's idiosyncrasies and fighting always made the day more interesting.

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Example of idiosyncrasy

  • Alma's sketches are described as spare accurate lines, perfectly capturing personalities through mannerisms and idiosyncrasies .

  • Although it may just be an act, over the past forty years Woody Allen has developed a dramatic persona whose behavioral tropes and idiosyncrasies are as recognizable as those of a close personal friend.

  • An hour of his pieces for wind instruments is extremely rewarding, for he handles their characteristic timbres, idiosyncrasies and eccentricities most attractively.

  • And, of course, every person who engages in these behaviors has their own unique idiosyncrasies of personality and behavior and history that contribute to why they did it.

  • Any event like a wedding always has the little idiosyncrasies associated with family.

  • Apart from showing off we bring this up to unearth a common idiosyncrasy of old Astons; the accelerator feels as though a runaway ball of socks has made their way under the pedal.

  • Arena Ready is an album full of idiosyncrasies and references, but it's never a pastiche of other artists’ work.

  • Because, despite all of the wallowing and hating I do, despite all my idiosyncrasies and neurotic behavior, my husband loves me.

  • But people do not have the opportunity to appreciate the value of Shanghai's idiosyncrasies and are perhaps beginning to find them obsolete as the atmosphere becomes increasingly cosmopolitan.

  • But while Hornby and Sweeney had family conflicts driving their books, Red Mist is a more curious and engaging piece of work, lit by flashes of sharp humour and wonderful idiosyncrasies .

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