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Definition of hurry


great haste.

But, this one really helps explain the ridiculous hurry .

move or act with haste; rush.

The two guards walked into the room, with servants hurrying back and forth.

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Example of hurry

  • hurry up and finish your meal

  • Al the ice-cream man would hurry us along in a heavy accent.

  • All I can say to those who speed is wise up, what is your hurry ?

  • And if the world's longest album title was combined with the world's longest wait, well, you can't hurry art.

  • Another factor pushed them to hurry the project: the need to get their ducks in a row before they ran out of time.

  • At this rate I won't be needing it in any huge hurry .

  • Before the gold rush, the only hurry was to condemn.

  • Being an impatient sort, I added water to hurry it along, but I think this stopped the sugar obtaining that lovely golden caramel colour.

  • But he is inexperienced in big meets and tends to hurry his stroke when pressed.

  • But, this one really helps explain the ridiculous hurry .

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