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a cloth covering put on a horse for protection or ornament.

In military use, housings and holster caps served to identify the unit and rank of any mounted soldier.

a recess or groove cut in one piece of wood to allow another piece to be attached to it.

Which housings / trims are rated for damp location?

a rigid casing that encloses and protects a piece of moving or delicate equipment.

Electronic engine components are usually enclosed in plastic housings which are formed from molten plastic in injection molding machines.

houses and apartments considered collectively.

The other runs a series of housing developments, building homes for the new middle class.

housing definition and meaning. What does housing definination?

Example of housing

  • ‘Our largest single problem is the provision of housing for local people,’ she said.

  • a housing association

  • a housing development

  • affordable housing

  • Among the main components of a gear-type pump for which aluminum may be used are the housing and end covers.

  • Another objective was in relation to the integration of social and affordable housing into all developments which take place.

  • At one time the little robot had been covered with a steel housing .

  • At the time of the riots, such a rehab programme was made by the Central Government for the widows in Delhi including provision of housing .

  • Clamp a piece of straight edged waste wood in line with one of the groove lines and using the waste wood as guide, saw down to the bottom of the housing .

  • He has no intention of sitting back on his laurels, but will continue his commitment to the provision of housing in the city.

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