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Definition of hoodoo


a column or pinnacle of weathered rock.

The Paiute Indians thought that these hoodoos were humanlike creatures turned to stone by an angry coyote god.


The person to be hoodooed is generally made aware that the hoodoo is 'set' for him, and the terror created in his mind by this knowledge is generally sufficient to cause him to fall sick.

voodoo; witchcraft.

It features stories with musicians, soldiers, vampires, hoodoo men and women, and just plain folks.

hoodoo definition and meaning. What does hoodoo definination?

Example of hoodoo

  • a towering sandstone hoodoo

  • a visit to a local hoodoo doctor

  • But now the hoodoo that has blighted City all season has hit again.

  • But while walking in a park in New Orleans a few days ago, I suddenly got the urge to drop a couple of bucks on what I thought would be a mildly amusing little black magic hoodoo voodoo palm reading.

  • Chelsea can open up an eight-point lead over Arsenal - but first they must break a nine-year hoodoo .

  • For those who believe in omens, York also had to contend with a hoodoo which hadn't allowed them to win there for years.

  • He was a hoodoo to us last summer.

  • I don't have much time to get too many ingredients together, so ideas for simple rituals/charms/ hoodoo /candle burning things would be greatly appreciated.

  • I feel more than a little awkward using hoodoo stuff, to be honest, given the vast gulf between my own advantages and the bitterly oppressed state of its originators.

  • If anybody out there does hoodoo work or a related practice, then I'd be very interested in swapping notes.

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