honour Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of honour

Definition of honour


a privilege.

It is especially an honour to be the first woman to hold the position of President.

a woman's chastity or her reputation for this.

A tremendous amount of energy is spent to either preserve the honor of a maiden, or to take it from her.

an ace, king, queen, or jack.

As there is no skill in scoring for honours , players often agree to play without the honour bonuses.

fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement).

Under the US proposals, the future interim government would be obligated to honour agreements between the existing Governing Council and the US.

high respect; esteem.

Now it is up to the boys' teams to uphold the school's honour .

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Example of honour

  • ‘I'd be so proud if I won; it would be such an honour to represent my country as Miss Universe,’ she said.

  • And people joked about it, used to add up how many cuts of the cane they got as a mark of honour and so on, but I was scared.

  • Defeat, when it came was with honour - and the respect of the visitors.

  • getting this prize is a great honour for him

  • He carried with him the love, respect and honour of his people.

  • he was defending his honour

  • his portrait hangs in the place of honour

  • I must as a matter of honour avoid any taint of dishonesty

  • I'd consider it an honour

  • It is a depressing thought that any nation of free people would sell its honour so cheaply.