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Definition of homey


(of a place or surroundings) pleasantly comfortable and cozy.

The cabin wasn't spacious, or comfortable, or homey .

homey definition and meaning. What does homey definination?

Example of homey

  • A Tuscan decorating theme can put some old world charm into your kitchen and make it a warm homey room to gather in.

  • According to one, she's a languid, sensual singer able to maintain a perfect voice without giving up her homey charm.

  • Another house specialty is the sweet stewed apples that give every plate a homey feel.

  • At this point, I looked around and thought that one more item would add to the homey atmosphere and peaceful milieu that I was trying to create.

  • But it felt like the kind of homey place one could get attached to easily and feel tremendously comfortable in.

  • But it was a very homey place, a very comfortable place.

  • Dr. Rogers has decided that it would be better for her to be in a comfortable, homey environment.

  • Even though the apartment was completely disorganised, it had a comforting, homey feel - completely unlike Brandon's sterile mansion.

  • Gone is the original homey Winnipeg setting, now upscaled to downtown Toronto.

  • He is a difficult person to read: one is never certain whether his deadpan style and homey phrases reveal a fool or a powerful conviction politician.

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