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Definition of heater


a fastball.

He had an amazing fastball; his heater was something I had never seen, and don't get me started on his curve.

a gun.

I tell Louie to open up his glove compartment and I get the heater out of it and put it in my pocket.

a person or thing that heats, in particular a device for warming the air or water.

Other people have been going out and buying electric heaters to keep warm and using kettles to have a hot bath.

heater definition and meaning. What does heater definination?

Example of heater

  • ‘We don't have a heater or warm water,’ she told me, looking down.

  • a gas water heater

  • a wall-mounted electric heater

  • And a tankless hot-water heater provides warm water on demand, rather than consuming energy 24 hours a day.

  • And it had one rare commodity, a giant electric portable heater that warmed the entire unit.

  • Decades-old electric heaters struggled to warm the concrete.

  • electric heater

  • For £1 a time people stand in their swimming costumes under the warm air heaters and wait.

  • He came back from a shot to the right hip and fired two heaters clocked at 94-96 mph to strike out Preston Wilson.

  • he drove the next pitch, another heater, over the left-field fence

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