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Synonyms of hear


Definition of hear


perceive with the ear the sound made by (someone or something).

Five minutes after that I heard seven bangs which sounded like firecrackers.

hear definition and meaning. What does hear definination?

Example of hear

  • Accordingly I rule that this court has jurisdiction to hear this case against all defendants.

  • And yet it still sounded remarkable to hear the words that came yesterday.

  • behind her she could hear men's voices

  • But there is no record that He ever refused to hear the prayer of anyone; not even the lowest.

  • did you hear that?

  • did you hear what she said?

  • Every time I talk to or hear of anyone studying anything at all, I get jealous.

  • he did not hear very well

  • He may be willing to listen but will he hear anything that's said?

  • Her voice was so quite that he almost didn't hear her over the sound of the river.

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