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Definition of hasten


be quick to do something.

This, I hasten to add, is not to cast any aspersion over the good intentions of either company, rather, it reflects what tends to happen generally in a market concentrated on a small number of suppliers.

hasten definition and meaning. What does hasten definination?

Example of hasten

  • A couple of undistinguished losses hastened the end of his career.

  • a move that could hasten peace talks

  • According to a report in the Sunday Times, there is increasing concern across Britain about the way hospitals appear to be hastening the deaths of elderly patients.

  • After a quick phone call I hastened to the office.

  • As Angus Calder has suggested, ‘the effect of the war was not to sweep society on to a new course, but to hasten its progress along the old grooves.’

  • At 5: 57, probably hastened by a call from the crowd for more media presence, they advanced.

  • But his demise sparked bitter divisions, with the children of his first wife contesting his will amid allegations his death had been hastened by drugs.

  • But what do their faces tell us, as they hasten to their posts?

  • But, the lawyer hastened to add, ‘This is not intended to be any kind of specific statement.’

  • Experts explained that overcrowded high-rises and overusage of underground space hasten the speed of subsidence.

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