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happen meaning in Bengali

"happen meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for happen? What does happen mean? happen definition and meaning.

Synonyms of happen


Definition of happen


be experienced by (someone); befall.

Courts and academics brush over what actually happens to such videos once they leave the sex shop.

take place; occur.

Whenever a traffic accident happens , the traffic police make an investigation to find out whose fault it was.

happen definition and meaning. What does happen definination?

Example of happen

  • happen I'll go back just for a while

  • A van and four cars were involved in the smash which happened on the London-bound track at Boreham.

  • And Cllr Rosaleen O'Grady warned that something will need to be done before a serious accident happens in the area.

  • And the chances of that happening on the Down Under tour have narrowed due to England's injury crisis.

  • By the way, did you happen to ask the Canadians what they thought of their country's health care system?

  • Catastrophic things can happen from accidents during transportation and handling.

  • Did anyone happen to see David Letterman the other night when he was playing "Psychic Salad"?

  • Did anyone happen to see the alternate ending that is floating around the internet?

  • Did his boss happen to ask "Do I look like a moron to you?"

  • do you happen to know who her doctor is?

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