guarantee Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of guarantee

Definition of guarantee


a formal pledge to pay another person's debt or to perform another person's obligation in the case of default.

a formal promise or assurance (typically in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled, especially that a product will be repaired or replaced if not of a specified quality and durability.

I might actually be willing to pay the normal retail price to buy or rent DVDs, if in exchange I get a guarantee of quality and a decent selection.

provide a formal assurance or promise, especially that certain conditions shall be fulfilled relating to a product, service, or transaction.

The only thing that it guarantees with its product is that your car will meet these New Jersey standards.

guarantee definition and meaning. What does guarantee definination?

Example of guarantee

  • a degree is no guarantee of a fast-track career

  • a demand that $100,000 be deposited to guarantee their costs

  • A diploma, even from a reputable overseas university, is not automatically a guarantee of quality, of achievement, of work ethics of the highest standards.

  • All products carry a five-year guarantee against possible faulty materials and workmanship.

  • Also, the food and facilities are not included in this guarantee - your portion of whatever these cost us will not be refunded.

  • But before that, make sure you can guarantee your safety.

  • But I can promise you and guarantee you, after that situation, you will never hear me do that.

  • But if you want to ensure Cupid's bow really hits the mark, innovative tour operators and hoteliers have come up with some creative ideas they promise will guarantee you true romance home or away.

  • CEOs today want a guarantee of improved productivity, reduced costs, or enhanced efficiency before investing millions in a new IT system.

  • Consequently, appearing in the Cannes showcase is no guarantee of quality.

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