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abrupt or taciturn in manner.

There is something old-fashioned in his manner which may explain why he excels as gruff authority figures and flinty men of the West.

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Example of gruffer

  • A gruff man with a short temper and a big voice, his shortcomings were as obvious as his merits were hidden.

  • A gruff voice came from his left as he reached the mouth of the cave.

  • A gruff voice snarled from a dark corner behind them.

  • After five rings, I was about to hang up, when I heard a gruff voice answer.

  • And I met the man playing Baron Von Trapp, the gruff and grumpy Naval officer widower whose heart she melts.

  • Based on his writing style, I imagined him a kind of playful, comedian's voice, when his real voice is quite gruff .

  • But despite his gruff exterior, it's obvious that his time in student journalism meant something to him.

  • Dave has a big, deep, booming gruff voice - that sounds like he gargles with gravel every single morning.

  • Erik's smile faded away quickly when three gruff looking men approached him.

  • He has a gruff voice, is thought to be a smoker and often smells of drink.