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(in the UK) a state secondary school to which pupils are admitted on the basis of ability. Since 1965 most have been absorbed into the comprehensive school system.

In 1998, the government made it possible for parents to vote on the future of the selective grammar school system.

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Example of grammar school

  • After attending the local grammar school he won a scholarship to Jesus College Oxford.

  • After passing the 11-plus he became the last of the grammar school intake to the former Boys High School before comprehensive education.

  • As early as 1496, ‘freeholders of substance’ were obliged by law to send their sons to school from age eight and every town of any consequence had a grammar school teaching Latin.

  • Because grammar school pupils had already reached a high level of attainment by the age of 14, comprehensive schools had more scope to ‘add value’ in the run-up to GCSEs.

  • Commonweal was a grammar school then, built to accommodate 410 pupils and children had to pass the 11-plus exam to be accepted for a place.

  • During the Middle Ages, the grammar school provided education for poor scholars intended for the church and for the sons of noblemen.

  • He had been a bright pupil, supported by his mother and encouraged by the more enlightened teachers in his grammar school .

  • He went through grammar school education, but admits, ‘I wasn't the best student!’

  • I went to grammar school where all 600 pupils had to learn the recorder in their first year, the music master believing that there was a bit of music in everyone.

  • I went to a modest-sized grammar school with a sixth form rather than a huge, impersonal comprehensive.