good Meaning in Bengali - Synonyms and Definition of good

Definition of good


benefit or advantage to someone or something.

he convinces his father to use his genius for the good of mankind

giving pleasure; enjoyable or satisfying.

Dogs help us over the rough spots in life, just as they are always there to share in the good times.

having the qualities required for a particular role.

A good standard of maths is also required as there is a high mathematical content to the course.

merchandise or possessions.

Also, check your prices when you claim to offer own brand goods at prices that are lower than branded items.

possessing or displaying moral virtue.

We would like to keep up the good work so please support the collections next weekend.

good definition and meaning. What does good definination?

Example of good

  • A club can get a fairly good audience even if it's featuring music in a very limited genre range.

  • A number of good internet sites contain news on current events as well as background articles.

  • For a school that works so hard to keep up its good name to be let down by a few is really quite sad.

  • For many the news will be good , confirming that they can now go to the university or college of their choice.

  • He agreed that some of the trains look shabby even after a good clean because many of them are about forty years old.

  • he had a good night's sleep

  • he pretended the forged money was good

  • he's a good cook

  • He's blessed with rugged good looks, a successful career on television and he can cook too.

  • Her kind nature was ever to the fore and she performed many good deeds in her own quiet manner.