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Synonyms of goggling


Definition of goggling


look with wide open eyes, typically in amazement or wonder.

The females in the class were feeling the opposite, goggling at his handsome face.

goggling definition and meaning. What does goggling definination?

Example of goggling

  • ‘I knew those cows should have been looking at me,’ he said, and Shane figured he knew exactly what they were goggling at.

  • All the while, the boy was goggling at me, cursing, and shouting like anything, about anything.

  • Because he was so hot the other day, I will just be goggling at him today too, and it will be very distracting!

  • Behind her, the rest of the popular crowd jostled for space, goggling at me.

  • Escorted to our main deck cabin, Lynne and I unpacked, goggling at our surroundings.

  • He dazedly took in the scene through eyes goggling with confusion and pain.

  • He felt the girl population goggling at him as he passed.

  • He took the money, his eyes goggling with astonishment.

  • He was goggling at her as if she had suddenly sprouted a third arm and an additional head.

  • Her eyes goggled then she collapsed against the sofa, letting out a theatrical sigh.

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