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Synonyms of goddess

Definition of goddess

a female deity.

Their gods and goddesses were different from those of the Vedic pantheon.

goddess definition and meaning. What does goddess definination?

Example of goddess

  • a temple to Athena Nike, goddess of victory

  • At the end of the small room there was a deity figure of the goddess Nova the Water Goddess.

  • Athena Nike, goddess of victory

  • Because Wiccans seem to worship nature and nature goddesses and gods, they can be called pantheists.

  • By the end of the year, she had finally supplanted Liz Hurley as the British newspapers' screen goddess of choice.

  • Even the sex goddess of all things Alien cannot inject eroticism into a plain script.

  • he had an affair with a screen goddess

  • Hindus are truly monotheist but worship many gods and goddesses and see the same God in them.

  • However, Between Strangers needs more than a screen goddess to liven up the material.

  • I'm still determined to achieve my life goal of becoming a domestic goddess .