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Synonyms of glummer


Definition of glummer


looking or feeling dejected; morose.

Next time I get too cranky and glum , will someone please remind me of these words I wrote today?

glummer definition and meaning. What does glummer definination?

Example of glummer

  • After a minute he hung up the phone with a glum expression on his face and went back to driving meticulously.

  • Carrie is looking so glum that it's hard to believe they haven't already told her she's going.

  • Everyone looks very glum all the time, for no good reason, and everyone is very elongated.

  • He made a concerted effort to smile his way out of his understandably glum expression while I tried to say what I wanted to say in the right kind of way.

  • He's got a glum expression on his face making his lips form a straight line and his eyes frown.

  • I remember being glum and depressed, at first, about the new ethos of the early eighties.

  • I saw her reappear near her seat a few minutes later, looking sort of glum .

  • I was a little glum at the thought of walking back up but it's wonderful what the promise of a farmhouse lunch can conjure up in the way of fortitude.

  • It was not hard to notice the glum expression on her face, though he could not understand what it was that was bothering her.

  • Many readers are probably in a glum mood this morning, what with the world trade talks at a seeming impasse.