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Definition of glosses


a superficially attractive appearance or impression.

Beneath the manufactured gloss of the event is a public transport infrastructure bursting at the seams.

a translation or explanation of a word or phrase.

These are followed by his gloss , the modern form in phonetics, and in some cases comments.

apply a cosmetic gloss to.

She smoked my eyes with black eyeliner and some glittery black eye shadow, highlighted my checks with a soft natural glow, and glossed my lips with chap stick.

provide an explanation, interpretation, or paraphrase for (a text, word, etc.).

Take all the Latin words in Shakespeare, for instance - in Victorian times, educated people had studied Latin in school - not so today, so they need to be carefully glossed .

shine or luster on a smooth surface.

They were expecting the floor to have a smooth, grey finish, but it was high gloss , like a mirror.

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