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"glossary meaning in bengali" at english to bangla online dictionary. What is another word for glossary? What does glossary mean? glossary definition and meaning.

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Definition of glossary


an alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations; a brief dictionary.

There is a glossary , along with lists of endangered and threatened taxa and references.

glossary definition and meaning. What does glossary definination?

Example of glossary

  • A glossary giving a brief explanation of many technical terms reinforces this impression.

  • a glossary of Inuktitut words

  • A listing of authors and a glossary of words can be found at the end of the book.

  • All of these are ‘magazines of falsehoods,’ if accepted in the exoteric dead-letter interpretations of their ancient, and especially their modern, theological glossarists .

  • As well as becoming a best seller it also contained a glossary of Lancashire words and phrases he collected over the years.

  • At the end of the book there is a brief glossary of terms used throughout the text.

  • During this period, Roman Law was used in Holland although it had been subject to changes contributed not only by glossarists and commentators but also by Dutch jurisconsultants.

  • Each chapter is followed by a brief summary and a glossary of key terms.

  • However it is difficult to see exactly what ‘contracted to thine own bright eyes’ means, although the glossarists cite the example of Narcissus from classical literature.

  • In all, you can access up to 150 dictionaries, glossaries and reference works about the word you're exploring.