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Definition of glorify


describe or represent as admirable, especially unjustifiably or undeservedly.

Officers believe it glorifies football violence and it is understood that they are probing the legality of the video.

reveal or make clearer the glory of (God) by one's actions.

Your end as man - who is soul as well as body - is to glorify God and enjoy him for ever.

glorify definition and meaning. What does glorify definination?

Example of glorify

  • A text purporting to describe a battle may have been composed to glorify the victor or excuse the loser.

  • Adam and Eve were not only to glorify God in behavior, but they were to offer intelligent glory and praise to God.

  • Add to this a culture that glorifies violence and brutality, and the mix becomes explosive.

  • After the war they were used to make films which glorified communism.

  • And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.

  • But in our zeal to do that, we go after everything that resembles violence or seems to glorify it.

  • Determined to glorify God with her life, she willingly set aside one objective after another until she discovered that only in God's time and way could her deepest desires be fulfilled.

  • Essentially, church leaders are asking what it costs to operate the ministry that can glorify God.

  • First, art offers multiple, rich, and layered ways of speaking about and glorifying God, since art is unlimited in its range and expression.

  • He is leading an initiative to rewrite school books which he says unjustly glorify the partisans who struggled against fascism during World War Two.

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